Denis Di Luca

T:  07477 435802
Twitter: @d_diluca
Facebook: @dilucadesigner
Instagram: @diluca_londonceramics

Denis offers completely unique ceramic pieces from an extensive repertoire of techniques. These include raku, naked raku, terra sigillata, saggar firing, obvara firing and horse hair decoration.

The fusion of Italian design influences and traditional ceramic techniques adapted for contemporary tastes results in highly individual items for your visual enjoyment.

Under graduation, Industrial Design, San Marino, Italy
Post graduation, Product Design, Venice, Italy

Craft Potters Association
Kent Potters

Recent Exhibitions/Events
2018    Primavera, LP selected exhibition, The Ice House, Holland Park, London
2018    Innovations in Ceramic Art, The Guildhall, Cambridge
2017    Handmade in Britain, Chelsea, London
2017    Handmade at Kew, Kew Gardens, London
2017    Art in Clay, Farnham
2017    Patching Art Festival

Galleries/Retail Outlets
One The Square, Forest Row, East Sussex
Henry Paddon Contemporary Art, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Denis Di Luca
Denis Di Luca
Denis Di Luca
Denis Di Luca
Denis Di Luca
Denis Di Luca