Luyi Brown

Turning Earth
11 Argall Avenue
London E10 7QE
Instagram: @puzzleofnature

I make wheel thrown decorative functional pieces that you can use to complement any room or workspace, using smooth or semi smooth light and dark clays. My work is inspired by my natural surroundings, as well as the concrete landscape of a city that people often think is lifeless and still.

CPA Associate
Turning Earth Ceramics, London

Recent Exhibitions/Events
2018 Independent Ceramics Market, Hackney Arts Centre, London N16
2018 Make More Festival, Victoria Park, London E3
2018 Crafty North Londoner Summer Makers Market, London N17
2018 Turning Earth, Hoxton Market, London N1
2018 Handmade in Highgate, London N6
2018 Turning Earth Market, Barbican Openfest, London EC2
2018 London Potters Local, Studio Pottery Fair, Normansfield Theatre, Teddington
2017 Turning Earth Studio Sale, London E10
2017 London Potters Annual Members’ Exhibition, Morley Gallery, London
2017 London Potters Local, Studio Pottery Fair, House Mill, London E3

Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown
Luyi Brown