Sylvie Joly

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Twitter: @jolyopsimath

I handbuild and throw functional ware using stoneware clays and more recently porcelain. I particularly enjoy iron-rich bodies as their fired surface has often more depth. I’m also interested in the use of oxides in surface decoration and in combination with glazes. I’m currently exploring the world of celadon and chun glazes and how to recreate them in an oxidation atmosphere. I’m always influenced by the natural world and its effects on our urban environment.

BTEC 3 Ceramics with Distinction

CPA Associate Member
SoFAP (Society of Fulham Artists and Potters)

Recent Exhibitions/Events
2017 20-21 May, Landmark Spring Art Fair, Teddington
2017 4-5 March, London Potters Local, Normansfield Theatre, Teddington
2016    London Potters Annual Members’ Exhibition, Morley Gallery, London
2016     W4 Studio Pottery Market, Chiswick, London
2016     North End Road Autumn Market
2016     Chiswick Pop Up, various week-ends
2015     W4 Studio Pottery Market, Chiswick, London
2015     London Potters Local, Redlees Studios, Isleworth

Sylvie Joly
Sylvie Joly
Sylvie Joly
Sylvie Joly
Sylvie Joly
Sylvie Joly