A date for your diary: 31st of August 2022

Applications for the Annual Makers Award

We are pleased to announce our third Annual Makers Award, open to all London Potters members regardless of their stage on the ceramic journey. You may be a student, part time or professional maker to apply.

So if you are are a member of the London Potters … please consider applying for this funded award.  If you would like help with the application form or wish to discuss the process then please contact Lindy Barletta on chair@londonpotters.com or Janet White on events@londonpotters.com  !!

Perhaps you need help to buy a specialist piece of equipment required to further a project you are developing, tell us about it when you fill in the application form online!

The award encompasses our education remit and supports selected members in specialised ceramics professional development as detailed on this link ..