About London Potters

London Potters is a voluntary organisation formed in 1986 to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of all those involved with an interest in ceramics.  We are a London based society (but not restricted to London) offering memberships to both professional and non-professional potters and ceramicists and on a non-selected basis.

Our members are united by the appreciation of ceramic art and a desire to further their knowledge and to communicate with fellow ceramic artists and collectors.  

The Council consists of volunteer trustees who meet seven times a year including an AGM, to carry out and organise the LP business.  We are supportive and encouraging of each other and always happy to meet you and welcome you to our friendly band of makers.

We are run by members for members and we work to support our members whether they are experienced professionals or just getting started. 

LP’s Ambassador Kate Malone with Chair, Lindy Barletta

The Charity objectives today are to:

  • Help members achieve a more critical awareness of their skills
  • Provide a showcase to promote members work through exhibitions, selling events, newsletters, website gallery and social media
  • Develop members knowledge and ceramic education and promote the exchange of ideas and techniques through workshops, talks and demonstrations
  • Encourage appreciation of ceramics to its members and the wider audience of pottery enthusiasts and collectors and galleries. Arrange opportunities for the public to see potters’ work on display
  • To provide and promote equal opportunities such that; the organisation will not discriminate based on race, sex, disability, sexuality, age or based on political, religious or other opinions. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Council would love to hear from anyone interested in joining us. We welcome new volunteers who want to get involved in any behind the scenes work, and share skills and experience.

We are always welcoming volunteers to help with events and exhibitions, working in a team in planning and delivering amazing opportunity for LP Members and the wider audience.

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in joining our team as a general helper, applying for one of the roles listed above, or contributing to our work in other ways.

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