Members by Area: Central

Patricia Ngok

Decorative • Hand Built • Stoneware

Judith Williams

Functional and decorative stoneware pottery

Belinda Murray

Functional and decorative pieces

John Eric Johnson

Functional & Decorative / Hand Built & Thrown Stoneware

Ann Hughes

Thrown porcelain

Richard Dickson

Sculptures and Thrown Forms

Rosa Bortolozzo

Functional and decorative thrown porcelain

Loli Cardenoso

Thrown and hand built porcelain, now retired


Thrown and hand built porcelain and stoneware

Miranda Clayton

Slipcast & handbuilt sculptural & functional pieces, featuring decals and effects glazes

Violante Lodolo D’Oria

One of a kind stoneware functional and decorative vessels

Lindy Barletta Ceramics

Coloured Porcelain Clays wheel thrown to create Landscapes in Clay