Members by Area: East London

Alison Low Madigan

Hand-built bowls, vases and other vessels

Ying Zheng

Handbuilt artistic ceramic sculptures

Bella Utvik

Hand-building Stoneware

Rida Zaidi

Sculptural and functional hand-built ceramics

Asena Akman

Side tables, decorative lamps, functional pieces for your living space.

Ania Perkowska

Functional and decorative contemporary ceramics

Gill Usher

Functional and decorative botanical pieces

Carolina Soto Pik

My work is hand-built using slabs with black stoneware for functional and decorative pieces

Christophe Ceramics

Animals sculpting

Nichola Tuohy

Sculpture through textile and through an Illustration degree

Mel Carson

Decorative and sculptural pieces inspired by the marine environment.

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Sawini Ghosh

Functional and decorative pieces. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Catherine Liu

Thrown tableware

Vic Wakerley

Beginner potter

Judith Symons

Functional and not-so-functional pieces, specailsing in surface decoration

Mary McFadden

Applied arts for the home. Handmade slab built earthenware pottery,

Grace Birkett Kenrick

Functional stoneware pottery

Kasia Howlett

Hand built functional and sculptural pieces


handbuilt punk baroque sculptures, slipcast porcelain works, thrown functional wares