Members by Area: North

Ömer Öner

Porcelain, slip casting unique decorative and functional ceramics.

Jane Sleator

Functional and decorative earthenware and stoneware, Thrown and individually decorated

Deborah Marock

Functional and Decorative Ceramics

Alex Garnett

Functional and decorative pieces

Jacqui Ramrayka

thrown and hand built ceramics

Mari Balsama Wilson

Kurinuki. Sculptural and Hand Built Traditional Techniques.

Pratima Kramer

Sculptural and decorative inspired by my Indian Heritage.

Fiona Booy

A mix of thrown and hand built creations

Clare Palmer

Sculptures, wall sculptures and sculptural vessels

Claudia Luque

Thrown and hand built sculptural ceramics and tableware

Nevena Simovic

Sculptural and functional hand-built pieces

Peter Hale

thrown and hand built stoneware

Ulla Mead

Slab built sculptural ceramics

Kate Sealey Rahman

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware and earthenware

Jacqueline Harrop

I am a hobby potter, enjoying throwing functional pots as well as experiments with sculptural pieces

Gail Altschuler

Clay as canvas, blurring the lines between art and craft