Members by Area: Outside London

Rebecca Norris

Handbuilding and wheel throwing quirky and colourful pieces

Cabby Luxford

My pieces are highly burnished and smoke fired

Sarah Villeneau

Abstract sculpture, handbuild, mixed media

Amel Gembidge

Contemporary sculptural and functional ceramics

June Kingsbury

Hand built sculptural

Jennie Kimbley

Functional and decorative ceramics mostly thrown with some hand building.

Stef Hunter

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

Sarah Sullivan

Thrown and hand built stoneware vessels. Hand carved, curved lines.

Anna Carlson

Functional and playful thrown and handbuilt stoneware pieces

Justine Jenner

Thrown, functional & colourful earthenware

Carolina Soto Pik

My work is hand-built using slabs with black stoneware for functional and decorative pieces

Jessica Jordan

My work taken the form of decorative stoneware vessels inspired by landscapes.

Deirdre McGuirk

Wheel thrown functional porcelain and stoneware pieces

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Kirsty Badham

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Kate Sampson

Decorative stoneware & earthenware

Rosalind Faram

Hand built pots & sculpture