Members by Area: South London

Tilt Ceramics

Thrown and hand built stoneware for functional and decorative use

Alison Low Madigan

Hand-built bowls, vases and other vessels

Oh My Glaze!

Small batch stoneware ceramics focusing around sculptural vases and Ergonomic Homeware

Wardi Sanusi

Sculptural, decorative as well as functional works inspired by natural & textured surfaces.

Fin Orrom Carr

Hand Build Stoneware Ceramics for home and garden

Sarah Grove

Hand built porcelain with trompe l’oeil surface textures.

Asena Akman

Side tables, decorative lamps, functional pieces for your living space.

Gill Balfour

Functional and decorative pieces. Some thrown, some hand built stoneware and porcelain.

Kate Kelleher

Functional and Decorative Pieces.

Camilla Webb Carter

Handbuilt and slipcast goemetric homeware and wall installations.

Chris Francis

The majority of the pots made over the past 46 years are functional and based in the Leach tradition

Zhehui Li

I am an illustrator and hand build ceramic artiest. I make ocarinas.

Max Woodall-Collins

Colourful Hand thrown Homewares

Cabby Luxford

My pieces are highly burnished and smoke fired

Joshua Aubrook

Functional and sculptural ceramics inspired by Medieval Europe

Jane Welch

Sculptural work - Arboreal Collection and Pop Art meets Political Satire

David Balkind (Woven Clay)

Functional and decorative coiled stoneware

Sarah Coppard

Thrown and slip cast pieces in both stoneware and porcelain.

Samuel Beresford-Zahra

Functional and decorative hand built stoneware


Thrown and hand built functional and decorative pieces.