Members by Area: West

Losa Lou Ceramics

Contemporary porcelain jewellery. Sculptural wall pieces. Coloured clays and decorative techniques.

Ann Hughes

Thrown porcelain

consuelo radclyffe

Hand building and throwing ceramics earthenware clay.

Ferri Farahamandi

Contemporary ceramic sculpture

Robyn Hardyman

Fine porcelain pieces thrown on the wheel, for decoration and use

Anne Marie Reilly3736

Mainly decorative pieces both hand built and thrown.

Sophie Durandet

Functional pieces, Thrown stoneware,

Clare Palmer

Sculptures, wall sculptures and sculptural vessels

Jane Elmer-Smith

Thrown and hand built decorative earthenware.

Margaret Tatton Brown

Thrown functional stoneware, decorated with slips and underglazes.

Carole Coogan

Functional thrown domestic ware. Hand built functional and non functional. Sculptural forms.

Anna Bingham

Sculptural pieces and homewares

JeAnne Stiff

Functional and decorative pieces, thrown, fired in an electric kiln.

Chris Payne

Mainly slab built, functional and decorative stoneware pieces, sometimes mixing white and black clay

Ali Tomlin

Thrown porcelain

Sarah Martin

Decorative vases & bowls in porcelain and stone ware. Thrown and slip cast.

Giorgio Landon

Hand-built decorative forms and pieces.

Michael Earl

Raku fired thrown and hand built decorative pieces

Yoshie Prideaux

Stoneware functional and decorative pieces.