Members in Discipline: Ceramics Teacher

Jesse Finlay

Both decorative and functional slip cast and hand built.


handbuilt punk baroque sculptures, slipcast porcelain works, thrown functional wares

Elaine Al-Shaikhli

Thrown and moulded earthenware

Patrick Nash

I like to make decorative functional ware in porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. Mainly by coiling

Caroline Couzens

Domestic Ceramics

Debbie Page

Sculptural, decorative handdbuilt Moon jars

Shriyani Batuwitage

Decorative stoneware and porcelain clay, thrown & hand built.

Gioilla Zordan

Functional and decorative pieces, in porcelain, wheelthrown, hand-built, slipcast

Noriko Nagaoka

Wheel Thrown Functional stoneware tableware

Ömer Öner

Porcelain, slip casting unique decorative and functional ceramics

Karl Owen

Decorative Saggar fired vessels

Belinda Murray

Functional and decorative pieces

Jane Sleator

Functional and decorative earthenware and stoneware, Thrown and individually decorated

Jacqui Ramrayka

Thrown and hand built ceramics

Richard Dickson

Sculptures and Thrown Forms

Rosa Bortolozzo

Functional and decorative thrown porcelain

Fiona Booy

A mix of thrown and hand built creations

Ruty Benjamini

One Off sculptural vessels, figurines, and wall art. Earthenware

Sheila Roskilly

Colourful floral decorated vases and candlesticks worked in low temperature light body clay

John Dawson

Functional but decorative thrown and sometimes altered, either glazed or polished.