Members in Discipline: Ceramics Teacher

Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown

Thrown porcelain functional and decorative pieces

Wardi Sanusi

Sculptural, decorative as well as functional works inspired by natural & textured surfaces.

Taylor Shaw

Hand thrown functional tableware and contemporary decorative pieces.

Fiona Charter

Hand built, hand painted decorative and functional ceramics.

Jilly Russell

Thrown Porcelain and Open Access Studio Founder

Asena Akman

Side tables, decorative lamps, functional pieces for your living space.

Lucy Joines

Sculptural and thrown stoneware pieces, finished with a gold lustre.

Ania Perkowska

Functional and decorative contemporary ceramics

Camilla Webb Carter

Handbuilt and slipcast goemetric homeware and wall installations.

Chris Francis

The majority of the pots made over the past 46 years are functional and based in the Leach tradition

Sarah Burton

Hand built and thrown decorative pieces

Penny Little

Hand built porcelain with lustre

živa slavec

Woodfired functional and decorative pieces. Local wood, natural glazes, wild clays and minerals...

Rebecca Norris

Handbuilding and wheel throwing quirky and colourful pieces

Joshua Aubrook

Functional and sculptural ceramics inspired by Medieval Europe

Sarah Coppard

Thrown and slip cast pieces in both stoneware and porcelain.

Samuel Beresford-Zahra

Functional and decorative hand built stoneware

Gill Usher

Functional and decorative botanical pieces

Jane McCulla

Thrown and hand built textured vessels

Sonia Watson

Hand built terracotta and stoneware decorative pieces