Members in Discipline: Earthenware

Susie Lonie

Sculptural hand built objects

louise kaye

hand built functional and non functional work

Jason Kilby

Thrown domestic ware

Debbie Page

Sculptural, decorative handdbuilt Moon jars

Los Ojos de Miranda / B Duarte

Conceptual and visual artist

Cathy Butcher

Sculptures of animals

Anne Zieler

Thrown and hand-built stoneware

Belinda Murray

Functional and decorative pieces

Joey Ruthers

Hand built, mostly tiny, decorative earthenware pieces

Alison Proctor

Functional and Sculptural pieces

Jane Sleator

Functional and decorative earthenware and stoneware, Thrown and individually decorated

Consuelo Radclyffe

Hand building and throwing ceramics earthenware clay

Alex Garnett

Functional and decorative pieces

Simon Olley

Freehand illustrated, sgraffito ceramics.

Richard Dickson

Sculptures and Thrown Forms

Pratima Kramer

Sculptural and decorative inspired by my Indian Heritage

Ruty Benjamini

One Off sculptural vessels, figurines, and wall art. Earthenware

Ferri Farahamandi

Contemporary ceramic sculpture

Nicky O’Connor

Sculptural Raku

Bali Edwards

Thrown and hand built decorative pieces