Members in Discipline: Handbuilt

Dawn Carroll

Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

Flor Ferraco

Artist and art therapist

Flora Fabris – OOAK Creation

One-of-a-kind handmade ceramic vessels for your table and interior.

Jax Williams

Thrown and hand built

Karin Hossack-KCHossack Pottery

Hand built Tableware & serve ware with a distinctive colour palette and scalloped edges.

Jo Pearl

Combining ceramic sculpture with clay stop frame animation

Karen Needham

Wheal thrown and hand built stoneware pieces with a decorative textured surface of lava glaze.

Andrew Macbean

Thrown and built functional ware which are please to use

Niraja Pahuja

Functional and Garden

Helen Hughes

Thrown and hand built stoneware

parizad Nobakht

Decorative pieces; mixture of thrown and hand built

Tony Laverick

Porcelain vessels decorated in multiple firings using glazes, slips and metals.

Kasia Howlett

Hand built functional and sculptural pieces

Jane Gibson

Non functional fumed and raku pieces

Joanna Heather Pethybridge

Thrown and handbuilt eartenware handpainted with underglazes finished with clear satin glaze

Jesse Finlay

Both decorative and functional slip cast and hand built


handbuilt punk baroque sculptures, slipcast porcelain works, thrown functional wares

Valerie Kaufmann

Hand built stoneware sculptural pieces

Elaine Al-Shaikhli

Thrown and moulded earthenware

Gessica Carbone

Figurative Sculptural Ceramic