Members in Discipline: Jewellery

Kate Philbin

Sculpture, handbuilding and throwing .

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Sue Cresswell

Hand built decorative pieces

Alicia Samson

Hand built porcelain and stoneware

Sapna Shah

Maker of small batch ceramics inspired by nature and celebrating imperfect beauty

Christine Binnie

Art/Craft/Performance explorations

Joanna Heather Pethybridge

Thrown and handbuilt eartenware handpainted with underglazes finished with clear satin glaze

Qianhui Lin

Clay, glaze, and oxides. Functional and decorative. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Bex Shaw

Hybrid functional/ decorative sculptural forms on a small scale

Joey Ruthers

Hand built, mostly tiny, decorative earthenware pieces

Losa Lou Ceramics

Contemporary porcelain jewellery. Sculptural wall pieces. Coloured clays and decorative techniques

Alex Garnett

Functional and decorative pieces

Nicola Scott-Taylor

Handbuilt stonewear

Kyra Mihailovic

Individual functional and decorative pieces. Hand thrown and hand built in porcelain and stoneware

Toni Richards

Functional, decorative and sculptural pieces. Thrown and hand-built stoneware

Siobhian Raymond

Hand built decorative pieces

Adrienne Roberts

Handbuilt functional and decorative pieces porcelain and stoneware

Jane Paveley

Functional and decorative pieces, Thrown and hand built stoneware

Francesca Coronin

Thrown and painted porcelain, raku, mainly vases and decorative pieces.

Asia Szwej-Hawkin

Functional and decorative pieces