Members in Discipline: Sculptural

Wardi Sanusi

Sculptural, decorative as well as functional works inspired by natural & textured surfaces.

Ama Adansi-Pipim

Handcrafted vessels and collectible objects

Taylor Shaw

Hand thrown functional tableware and contemporary decorative pieces.

Nicole Backlund

Currently studying Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins, completing BA this year and starting MA

Llinos Gale

Coastal inspired decorative ceramics.

Fin Orrom Carr

Hand Build Stoneware Ceramics for home and garden

Fiona Charter

Hand built, hand painted decorative and functional ceramics.

Rida Zaidi

Sculptural and functional hand-built ceramics

Jilly Russell

Thrown Porcelain and Open Access Studio Founder

Pam Dodds

Sculptural and sometimes functional

Lucy Joines

Sculptural and thrown stoneware pieces, finished with a gold lustre.

India Lo

Handbuilt decorative pieces

Jennifer Cobb

Functional and decorative homeware. Wheel thrown and hand altered.

Ania Perkowska

Functional and decorative contemporary ceramics

Kate Kelleher

Functional and Decorative Pieces.

Olga Siruk

I specialize in creating decorative non-functional ceramics, architectural ceramics, and product des

Mathilde Blum

hand built stoneware, sculptural and decorative pieces, alternative firing methods

Sam Goodison

Sculptures that explore the human condition. Mixed clays and finishes

Peter Curtis

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Zhehui Li

I am an illustrator and hand build ceramic artiest. I make ocarinas.