Members in Discipline: Sculptural

Chiara bianchi

Hand built sculptures

Louise Hopkins

Functional & sculptural

RAW86 Ceramics –

Hand built stoneware pieces, sculptural and functional

Christine Le Grand

Decorative and functional thrown ceramics. Natural forms, hand built sculptures.

Kate Philbin

Sculpture, handbuilding and throwing .

Kerry Rowley

Hand built, decorative pieces.

Kate Vine

Stoneware wheel thrown functional and decorative pieces

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Dr.Sawini Ghosh

Functional and decorative pieces. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Christina Christodoulou

Decorative and functional forms

Harriet Ferris

Hand-built stoneware figurative sculptures and vessels.

Sue Cresswell

Hand built decorative pieces

Lisa Pritchard

Pottery studio offering classes, specialist workshops and courses in Cheshire

Firefly Ceramics, Tanja Boesch

Functional, artistic pieces - thrown and hand built stoneware


Functional and decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Gill Bliss

Thrown and hand-built individual pieces in porcelain and foraged clay.

Chris Turrell

Handbuilt sculptural stoneware

Julia Clarke

Hand built stoneware sculpture

Kaytea Budd-Brophy

Thrown and altered functional decorative pieces

Caroline Aisher

Hand built Stoneware