Members in Discipline: Slip Cast

Elizabeth Reid

Hand built and extruded functional and decorative pieces, sometimes adorned with beads and silver.

Susie Lonie

Sculptural hand built objects

louise kaye

hand built functional and non functional work

Nathalie Loubert

Functional stoneware, thrown and handbuilt, as well as slip cast porcelain decorative pieces

Pauline Holmes

Handbuilt and mould made sculptural work using various stonewares

Los Ojos de Miranda / B Duarte

Conceptual and visual artist

Gioilla Zordan

Functional and decorative pieces, in porcelain, wheelthrown, hand-built, slipcast

Ramona Contrini

Functional and decorative pieces, specialised on hand built and slip casting

Ömer Öner

Porcelain, slip casting unique decorative and functional ceramics

Belinda Murray

Functional and decorative pieces

Joey Ruthers

Hand built, mostly tiny, decorative earthenware pieces

JoJo Rowley

Thrown and handbuilt, functional and decorative porcelain

Alex Garnett

Functional and decorative pieces

Bali Edwards

Thrown and hand built decorative pieces

Rosie Turner

I work with both stoneware and porcelain clays. Hand built and thrown, functional and decorative

Lesley McShea

Established Punk Potter, Mainly wheel thrown durable stoneware Functional wares

Loli Cardenoso

Thrown and hand built porcelain, now retired

Dee Harvey

Functional and decorative pieces

Tushar Dawson

I make decorative but functional ware using Porcelain. The work is either handbuilt or thrown

Violaine Verry

Functional and decorative ceramics, currently experimenting with different firing techniques