Members in Discipline: Slip Cast


Functional and decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Maxine Callow

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Jon Roynon

Hand Thrown and Slip Cast Functional and Decorative Ware

Bridget Macklin

experimental and fine art pieces and installations.

ERADU Ceramics

Ceramic tableware and home decor made in London

Tony Laverick

Porcelain vessels decorated in multiple firings using glazes, slips and metals.

Jesse Finlay

Both decorative and functional slip cast and hand built


handbuilt punk baroque sculptures, slipcast porcelain works, thrown functional wares

Qianhui Lin

Clay, glaze, and oxides. Functional and decorative. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Lynne Rossington

Slip cast and handbuilt decorative porcelain

Caroline Couzens

Domestic Ceramics

Elizabeth Reid

Hand built and extruded functional and decorative pieces, sometimes adorned with beads and silver.

Susie Lonie

Sculptural hand built objects

Louise Kaye

hand built functional and non functional work

Nathalie Loubert

Functional stoneware, thrown and handbuilt, as well as slip cast porcelain decorative pieces

Los Ojos de Miranda / B Duarte

Conceptual and visual artist

Dr Ronn Beattie

Hand built Ceramic sculpture with glass and/or mixed media

Gioilla Zordan

Functional and decorative pieces, in porcelain, wheelthrown, hand-built, slipcast

Ömer Öner

Porcelain, slip casting unique decorative and functional ceramics