Members in Discipline: Stoneware

Jane Welch

Sculptural work - Arboreal Collection and Pop Art meets Political Satire

Sarah Villeneau

Abstract sculpture, handbuild, mixed media

Jonathan Yadin

Mostly thrown functional & studio pieces in stoneware

David Balkind (Woven Clay)

Functional and decorative coiled stoneware

Sarah Coppard

Thrown and slip cast pieces in both stoneware and porcelain.

Samuel Beresford-Zahra

Functional and decorative hand built stoneware

Gill Usher

Functional and decorative botanical pieces

Jane McCulla

Thrown and hand built textured vessels

Amel Gembidge

Contemporary sculptural and functional ceramics

Caroline McKeating

Thrown stoneware functional pieces

June Kingsbury

Hand built sculptural

Geffens Black

Hand-built stoneware

Caroline Umali – It starts with clay

Functional and decorative wheel thrown pieces

Jennie Kimbley

Functional and decorative ceramics mostly thrown with some hand building.

Cat Santos

Figurative sculptures and printed vessels

Sarah Sullivan

Thrown and hand built stoneware vessels. Hand carved, curved lines.

Anna Carlson

Functional and playful thrown and handbuilt stoneware pieces

Penelope Pochez

Thrown and carved porcelain pieces

Maria Murtagh

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware pieces

Lesley Boerio

Bold and striking hand built vessels