Members in Discipline: Stoneware

Tracie Peisley

Hand built earthenware figurative sculpture, figurative narrative on porcelain plates and vessels

Katherine Kingdon

Illustrated vessels and figurative sculpture

Mel Carson

Decorative and sculptural pieces inspired by the marine environment.

Louise Hopkins

Functional & sculptural

RAW86 Ceramics

Hand built stoneware pieces, sculptural and functional

Chris Le Grand

Decorative and functional thrown ceramics. Hand built work.

Helen Blair

Thrown functional stoneware pieces

Kate Vine

Stoneware wheel thrown functional and decorative pieces

Duncan Cheetham

Thrown and Hand Built

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Sawini Ghosh

Functional and decorative pieces. Thrown and hand built stoneware.


Modern/contemporary functional and tableware and decorative individual pieces

Jane Staniland

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Christina Christodoulou

Decorative and functional forms

Harriet Ferris

Hand-built figurative sculptures and functional ware

Geoffrey Kenward

I make large thrown reduction fired pots, and occasionally make whimsical sculptures and other items

Lisa Pritchard

Pottery studio offering classes, specialist workshops and courses in Cheshire

Rachel Hampson

Wheel Thrown Functional Tableware in stoneware that is good to look at and enjoyable to use.

Firefly Ceramics, Tanja Boesch

Functional, artistic pieces - thrown and hand built stoneware


Playful ceramic objects