Members in Discipline: Teabowls

Konstantina Argi

Handbuilt stoneware ceramics

Ann Hughes

Thrown porcelain

Lise Herud Braten

Sculptural and decorative works with highly textured surfaces and natural, organic forms.

Mari Balsama Wilson

Kurinuki. Sculptural and Hand Built Traditional Techniques.

Janice Gravett

Functional thrown stoneware

John Dawson

Functional but decorative thrown and sometimes altered, either glazed or polished.

Robyn Hardyman

Fine porcelain pieces thrown on the wheel, for decoration and use

Lesley McShea

Established Punk Potter, Mainly wheel thrown durable stoneware Functional wares.

Violaine Verry

Functional and decorative ceramics, currently experimenting with different firing techniques

Ximena Heasman

Contemporary stoneware functional pottery and also decorative raku ceramics

David Pearce

Thrown stoneware using gas & alternative firing processes e.g. pit firings and Raku

JeAnne Stiff

Functional and decorative pieces, thrown, fired in an electric kiln.

Birgit Pohl

Thrown porcelain

Julie Peel

Small batch functional stoneware & porcelain, thrown & handbuilt

Martin Seale

Clean and simple wheel thrown functional pieces

Ali Tomlin

Thrown porcelain

Yoshie Prideaux

Stoneware functional and decorative pieces.

Sylvie Joly

Functional tableware as well as decorative raku-fired pieces.

Dr Pottery | by Victor Pedrosa

Functional and sculptural pieces, both thrown and hand built

Fay De Winter

Porcelain Functional and Decorative Pieces