Members in Discipline: Teabowls

Jessica Jordan

My work taken the form of decorative stoneware vessels inspired by landscapes.

RAW86 Ceramics –

Hand built stoneware pieces, sculptural and functional

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Firefly Ceramics, Tanja Boesch

Functional, artistic pieces - thrown and hand built stoneware


Functional and decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Anamica Vince

Functional pieces, with surface decoration of slips, stains, oxides. Thrown and handbuilt

Kate Clark

Thrown and hand built hand carved stoneware

Grace Birkett Kenrick

Functional stoneware pottery

Flora Fabris – OOAK Creation

One-of-a-kind handmade ceramic vessels for your table and interior.

Jones the Pots

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware. Ceramics for charity

Tony Laverick

Porcelain vessels decorated in multiple firings using glazes, slips and metals.

Janice Heyes

Thrown functional stoneware made at home in Epsom, Surrey. Developing a range of Scandi inspired pot

Kasia Howlett

Hand built functional and sculptural pieces

Qianhui Lin

Clay, glaze, and oxides. Functional and decorative. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Fiona McElroy

Hand built and thrown stoneware, both sculptural and functional pieces.

Caroline Couzens

Domestic Ceramics

Nathalie Loubert

Functional stoneware, thrown and handbuilt, as well as slip cast porcelain decorative pieces

Heather Gibson

Hand built sculpture, vessels and tableware

Bex Shaw

Hybrid functional/ decorative sculptural forms on a small scale

Purple Pots

Wheel thrown as well as hand-built ceramics from functional tablewares, kitchenwares to objets d’art