EARTH MATERIALS | Gallery 57 | Arundel | West Sussex | Until 10th of June 2023

The full article has been published in our London Potters Magazine Issue No. 214 | April / May2023

‘Earth Materials’ opened in February and runs until the 10th of June 2023. You can plan your trip in beautiful Arundel – a small market town in West Sussex that captures the essence of heritage, urban chic and country feeling, all within a stone’s throw of London. Hosted by Gallery 57, you can immerse yourself in this stunning exhibition dedicated to materials; wood, stone, slate, metal, paper, chalk, copper, silver, earth pigments, lead, ice, plant fibre, charcoal graphite. And yes, the wonderful multifaceted material that is clay!

The exhibition highlights the work of a selection of ceramic artists such as Amanda Sue Rope, Lise Herud Braten, Sian Van Driel, Verity Howards and Jane Cairns. Techniques like throwing, constructed forms, hand built forms, abstract forms, sculptures for walls and surfaces as well as found forms, are equally presented.

A book with the same title ’Earth Materials’ by Sue Lawty accompanies the exhibition.

Gallery 57
57 Tarrant Street


West Sussex BN18 9DJ