London Potters Annual Exhibition 2011

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Prize Winners at Morley 2011

2011_Jo Rowley 1 web

Best Thrown Exhibit: 
Jo Rowley
2011_Joanna Eaves 1 web

Best Functional Exhibit: 
Joanna Eaves
2011_Kay Gallwey 1 web

Best Sculptural Exhibit: 
Kay Gallwey
2011_Vera Freire 1 web

Most Humorous Exhibit: 
Vera Freire
2011_Yesmin Baz 1 web

Best Trio of work: 
Yesmin Baz
2011_Mori Yamauchi 1 web

Most Innovative Exhibit: 
Mori Yamauchi
2011_Claire Finlay 1 web

Best Handbuilt Exhibit: 
Claire Finlay
2011_Carole Irwin 1 web

Best Decorated Exhibit: 
Carole Irwin
2011_Penny Green 1 web

Best Use of Colour: 
Penny Green
2011_Richard Ballantyne 2 web

Visitors’ Vote: 
Richard Ballantyne

Highly Commended: Sandra Barnett, Gordon Spencer, Alison Tomlin, Jenny Alexander, Lindy Barletta, Corrine Edwards, Brian Tew, Sandy Layton, Diana Cox

Judges: Ceramicists Karen Bunting and Chris Keenan, Jane Hartwell, Morley Gallery Manager

A big thank you to our prize sponsors: Potterycrafts, Potclays,, Top Pot Supplies, Ceramic Review, A&C Black, Clayman Pottery Supplies, Northern Kilns