Carol Ray-Niño


My work is hand built porcelain and refractory clay, also some throwing. The torsos, heads and abstract forms are decorated with laminate layers and modelled shells developed in 1984. Convex and concave sprigged decoration is often used. The ceramics are individual works fired in an electric kiln to 1280ºC.

1965 National Diploma of Design (NDD), (sculpture)
1966 Art Teacher’s Diploma (ATD), (special subject ceramics)
2003 Title of Technician in wheel thrown ceramics


Craft Potters Association

Recent Exhibitions/Events
December 2016 LP Annual Members’ Exhibition, Morley Gallery, London
2016 La Rambla, Córdoba Spain
2016 Hungry Bowls III, Ringwood, England
2012 Bevere Gallery, Worcester, England
2012 Funding the Future, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London

Prizes and Awards
1990 Honourable Mention, III World Triennial of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia
2004 Second prize in wheel thrown ceramics, International Ceramic Contest of La Rambla, Córdoba, Spain

International Museum of Bata, Equatorial Guinea
The local Council of Gandía, Valencia, Spain
The Textile Museum, Premia de Mar, Barcelona, Spain
Gifu Higashi High School, Gifu-City, Gifu-Pref., Japan
The Button Museum, Ross-on- Wye, England
The Museum of Sarreguemines, France
The Museum of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia
International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy

Carol Ray-Niño
Carol Ray-Niño
Carol Ray-Niño
Carol Ray-Niño
Carol Ray-Niño
Carol Ray-Niño