Hanna Salomonsson

(Okyntt Ceramics)
Turning Earth Ceramics
Railway Arches 361-362
Whiston Road
London E2 8BW
E: hello@oknyttceramics.com
W: www.oknyttceramics.com
Instagram: @oknytt_ceramics

Oknytt Ceramics are sculptural and functional pieces inspired by Scandinavian nature and London life. Hanna’s ceramic practice explores the enchanted natural world in clay, and also probes the way in which our natal landscape is imbued with emotions and fleeting memories. Echoes of the gnarly branches, moss covered boulders and bottomless bogs of the southern Swedish woodlands can be distinguished in her pieces, and often these traces are paired with glimmers of urban wilderness found in decaying London surfaces, structures and spaces.

Hanna’s work is high fired stoneware produced using a range of techniques such as coiling, slab construction and various carving methods.

2019 City Lit Ceramics, City Lit, London
2008 MSc Landscape Architecture, SLU Sweden/Leeds Metropolitan University
2002 Sculpture Diploma, Skinnskattebergs Folkhogskola, Sweden
2001 BA Art History, Uppsala University, Sweden

Craft Potters Association

Recent Exhibitions/Events
2019 Turning Earth Ceramics Fair, Hoxton London
2019 City Lit Ceramics, end of year exhibition, City Lit, London
2018 Turning Earth Ceramics Fair, Hoxton, London

Review/Press Coverage
2020 CREmerging, Ceramic Review, issue 304

Hanna Salomonsson
Hanna Salomonsson
Hanna Salomonsson
Hanna Salomonsson
Hanna Salomonsson