Saturday 7 September – Glaze Workshop with Anna Barlow

You should have some experience of making and using glazes. The practical session will focus on how to do colour tests, prepare glazes with different textures and line blending. You will need to bring 1.5kg (or 1.5 litres) of glaze you normally use mixed and sieved, a pack of 20 plastic disposable cups, a note book, pen, a medium sized paint brush, 10 to 15 small bisque fired test tiles, a permanent marker, cling film, a container to transport their glazes and tests home in, a test sieve (80 or 100 mesh), an underglaze pencil (optional) and small glaze scales (optional). You will need to fire your own glaze test tiles after the event.

For further information and booking enquiries contact Luyi Brown E:

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