Kintsugi – Mizuyo Yamashita

Kintsugi / ‘golden joinery’ is a way of restoring broken pottery that originated in the 15th century. Traditionally in Japan, the craftsmen use urushi: the natural lacquer to join, fill and cover the breakage. Mizuyo will teach how to fix potteries using the urushi – a new urushi which has been developed to cure in the climate outside East Asia. We will use brass powder instead of genuine gold as it is easier to work with.

Safe & Stable Glazes – Tim Thornton

These two talks will cover the topics of food safety and glaze stability, enabling you to understand why some glazes may be attacked, and what you can do to minimise this happening. It will be useful to anyone who makes functional work that may go into the dishwasher or be used for food or drink.

Ceramic Product Safety – Tim Thornton

Many potters just think of glaze leaching and food safety when considering product safety (topics covered in a later talk), but there are many other considerations in making your work something that is safe and comfortable for the user, not going to cause any problems or damage in use and strong enough to be durable.

Sustainability in Ceramics with Dr Wendy Gers

Specially for London Potters, to kick off our 2022 series of educational events exclusively for our members, Dr Wendy Gers will be presenting a pair of lectures on sustainability in ceramics. Lecture 1: From Sourcing Clay to Shipping.