Members in Discipline: Thrown

Jennie Kimbley

Functional and decorative ceramics mostly thrown with some hand building.

Stef Hunter

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

Sarah Sullivan

Thrown and hand built stoneware vessels. Hand carved, curved lines.

Anna Carlson

Functional and playful thrown and handbuilt stoneware pieces

Justine Jenner

Thrown, functional & colourful earthenware

iara talledo violani

Thrown sculptural pieces

Abi Lawrence

Functional thrown stoneware

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Kirsty Badham

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Kate Sampson

Decorative stoneware & earthenware

Louise Hercules

Decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Olga Ionova

Functional and decorative stoneware

J . Florence Ceramics

Intricately textured, hand built ceramics

Jonquil Cook

Functional and Decorative pieces

Janette Fry

Functional and decorative pieces

Jennifer Mundy

Functional ware and decorative pieces

Louise Hopkins

Functional & sculptural

Kate Philbin

Sculpture, handbuilding and throwing .

Helen Blair

Thrown functional stoneware pieces

Kate Vine

Stoneware wheel thrown functional and decorative pieces