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Clink Street Ceramics

Wheel-thrown ceramics made in Central London by studio potter James Sims.

Barbara Gittings

Decorative Nerikomi Porcelain, smoke-fired and waxed

Sally Clarke

Student all aspects

Kate Philbin

Sculpture, handbuilding and throwing .

Niraja Pahuja

Functional and decorative

Christina Christodoulou

Decorative and functional forms

Christophe Ceramics

Animals sculpting

Peter Hale

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Karen Dobie

Stoneware and paper porcelain ceramics

Donice Sousa

Non functional decorative hand built stoneware

Sarah Sullivan

Thrown and hand built stoneware vessels. Hand carved, curved lines.

Francesca Coronin

Thrown and painted porcelain, raku, mainly vases and decorative pieces.

Noriko Nagaoka

Wheel Thrown Functional stoneware tableware

Dr Ronn Beattie

Hand built Ceramic sculpture with glass and/or mixed media

Karl Owen

Decorative Saggar fired vessels

Joey Ruthers

Hand built, mostly tiny, decorative earthenware pieces

Chris Turrell

Handbuilt sculptural stoneware

Violante Lodolo D’Oria

One of a kind stoneware functional and decorative vessels

Jessica Jordan

My work taken the form of decorative stoneware vessels inspired by landscapes.

Dr.Sawini Ghosh

Functional and decorative pieces. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Libby Daniels

Functional and decorative thrown and slab built earthenware vessels

Birgit Pohl

Thrown porcelain, functional and decorative

Mari Balsama Wilson

Kurinuki Sculptural Japanese Technique and Other Hand Built Traditional Methods

Jane Paveley

Functional and decorative pieces, Thrown and hand built stoneware

Tony Laverick

Porcelain vessels decorated in multiple firings using glazes, slips and metals.

Parizad Nobakht

Decorative pieces; mixture of thrown and hand built

Mary McFadden

Applied arts for the home. Handmade slab built earthenware pottery,

Martin Seale

Clean and simple wheel thrown functional pieces

Jones the Pots

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware. Ceramics for charity

Sue Cresswell

Hand built decorative pieces

Jo Pearl

Combining ceramic sculpture with clay stop frame animation

Kathryn Stevens

Hand built sculptures

Karin Hossack-KCHossack Pottery

Hand built Tableware & serve ware with a distinctive colour palette and scalloped edges.

Loli Cardenoso

Thrown and hand built porcelain, now retired

Megan Rowden

Conceptual Art Pieces

Geffens Black

Hand-built stoneware

Bali Edwards

Thrown and hand built decorative pieces

Sylvie Joly

Functional tableware as well as decorative raku-fired pieces

Tushar Dawson

I make decorative but functional ware using Porcelain. The work is either handbuilt or thrown

Charlotte Stockley

Thrown porcelain tableware with quirky surface design

Jo Minnitt

Stoneware teacups and mugs

Asia Szwej-Hawkin

Functional and decorative pieces

Justine Jenner

Thrown, functional & colourful earthenware

Henrietta MacPhee

Painted and glazed earthenware

Vivien Phelan

I enjoy using the potters wheel,often to make figurative, animal decorative pieces

Dee Barnes

I make functional, decorative ceramics using slabbed and coiling techniques

Caroline Couzens

Domestic Ceramics

Joanna Eaves

Thrown functional and decorative pieces

Caroline Aisher

Hand built Stoneware

Fiona McElroy

Hand built and thrown stoneware, both sculptural and functional pieces.

Bex Shaw

Hybrid functional/ decorative sculptural forms on a small scale

Margaret Tatton Brown

Thrown functional stoneware, decorated with slips and underglazes

Fay De Winter

Porcelain Functional and Decorative Pieces

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Julia Clarke

Hand built stoneware sculpture

Anne Marie Reilly

Mainly decorative pieces both hand built and thrown

Dawn Carroll

Figurative Ceramic Sculpture

Olga Ionova

Functional and decorative stoneware

Mel Carson

Decorative and sculptural pieces inspired by the marine environment.

Belinda Murray

Functional and decorative pieces

Zelide Edge

Decorative Vases, Vessels & Lidded Pots

Toby Strauss

Altered vases and Japanese bowls

Flora Fabris – OOAK Creation

One-of-a-kind handmade ceramic vessels for your table and interior.

Nevena Simovic

Sculptural and functional hand-built pieces

Stathis Dimitriadis

Conceptual ceramics

Pam Schomberg

all work hand built in porcelain or stoneware

Suri Poulos

Thrown and hand built Nerikomi porcelain

Julie Massie

Decorative porcelain wall art.

Mary Wright

Thrown stoneware pottery

JeAnne Stiff

Functional and decorative pieces, thrown, fired in an electric kiln


Thrown and hand built porcelain and stoneware

Kyra Mihailovic

Individual functional and decorative pieces. Hand thrown and hand built in porcelain and stoneware

Stef Hunter

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

RAW86 Ceramics –

Hand built stoneware pieces, sculptural and functional

Katherine Kingdon

Illustrated vessels and figurative sculpture

Ömer Öner

Porcelain, slip casting unique decorative and functional ceramics

Elizabeth Reid

Hand built and extruded functional and decorative pieces, sometimes adorned with beads and silver.

Valerie Kaufmann

Hand built stoneware sculptural pieces

John Dawson

Functional but decorative thrown and sometimes altered, either glazed or polished.

Ann Hughes

Thrown porcelain

Chiara bianchi

Hand built sculptures

Rachel Carpenter

I love making pots to be used - mugs, bowls, platters & vases; thrown and hand built in stoneware

Kate Sealey Rahman

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware and earthenware

Qianhui Lin

Clay, glaze, and oxides. Functional and decorative. Thrown and hand built stoneware.

Jane Elmer-Smith

Thrown and hand built decorative earthenware

Lise Herud Braten

Sculptural and decorative works with highly textured surfaces and natural, organic forms

Judith Symons

Functional and not-so-functional pieces, specailsing in surface decoration


Distinctive hand-thrown pottery made in London. Functional & decorative porcelain and stoneware

Abi Lawrence

Functional thrown stoneware

Deborah Marock

Functional and Decorative Ceramics

Alison Proctor

Functional and Sculptural pieces

Caroline Nuttall-Smith

Hand built stoneware

Elaine Al-Shaikhli

Thrown and moulded earthenware

Maxine Callow

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Debbie Page

Sculptural, decorative handbuilt Moon jars

Alicia Samson

Hand built porcelain and stoneware

Cathy Butcher

Sculptures of animals

Nicola Scott-Taylor

Handbuilt stonewear

Janice Heyes

Thrown functional stoneware made at home in Epsom, Surrey. Developing a range of Scandi inspired pot

Penelope Pochez

Thrown and carved porcelain pieces

Lesley Boerio

Bold and striking hand built vessels

FiPB Ceramics

Functional and decorative ceramics with a sustainability ethos

Firefly Ceramics, Tanja Boesch

Functional, artistic pieces - thrown and hand built stoneware

Gail Altschuler

Clay as canvas, blurring the lines between art and craft

Jacqui Ramrayka

Thrown and hand built ceramics

Adamina Turek and Adrian Austin | 2hungrybakers

Thrown and hand built functional stoneware

Jon Roynon

Hand Thrown and Slip Cast Functional and Decorative Ware

Lynne Rossington

Slip cast and handbuilt decorative porcelain

Anne Gardner

Porcelain and stoneware, functional and sculptural wall pieces

Tara Ezaguy Bongard

Decorative sculptural pieces and functional

Louise Hopkins

Functional & sculptural

Magdalena Skipper

Functional and decorative stoneware pieces, thrown on a potter's wheel

Purple Pots

Wheel thrown as well as hand-built ceramics from functional tablewares, kitchenwares to objets d’art

Caroline Chouler-Tissier

Exploring the principles of sculpture and ‘disrupted’ clay extrusions

Nicky O’Connor

Sculptural Raku

Anna Carlson

Functional and playful thrown and handbuilt stoneware pieces

Nichola Tuohy

Sculpture through textile and through an Illustration degree

Miranda Clayton

Slipcast & handbuilt sculptural & functional pieces, featuring decals and effects glazes

Giorgio Landon

Hand-built decorative forms and pieces

Fiona Booy

A mix of thrown and hand built creations


Modern/contemporary functional and tableware and decorative individual pieces


handbuilt punk baroque sculptures, slipcast porcelain works, thrown functional wares

Robyn Hardyman

Fine porcelain pieces thrown on the wheel, for decoration and use

Nici Ruggiero

Naked Raku Sculpture and Slip Cast Porcelain Installations

Ruty Benjamini

One Off sculptural vessels, figurines, and wall art. Earthenware

Karen Needham

Wheal thrown and hand built stoneware pieces with a decorative textured surface of lava glaze.

Sophie Learmont @starlingpots

Hand built functional ceramics

Adrienne Roberts

Handbuilt functional and decorative pieces porcelain and stoneware

Joanna Alina

Thrown and Hand built Stoneware

Joanna Ling

Thrown and handbuilt porcelain functional and decorative pieces

Andrea Morton (Useful Pots)

Wheel thrown, stoneware, functional and decorative table and oven ware

Jane Staniland

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Rosa Bortolozzo

Functional and decorative thrown porcelain

Louise Hercules

Decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Talia James

Handbuilt sculptural vessels

Siobhian Raymond

Hand built decorative pieces

Biddy Hobbs

Thrown functional and decorative pieces

Victor Pedrosa Ceramics

Functional and sculptural pieces, both thrown and hand built

Mrs Maria Murtagh

Functional and decorative thrown stoneware pieces

Jane Sleator

Earthenware and Stoneware, hand thrown and individually decorated

Celia Macpherson

Hand built vessels and bowls

Jill Sutcliffe

Handbuilt Stoneware Sculpture

Catriona Walker

Hand built and thrown functional and sculptural stoneware pieces

J . Florence Ceramics

Intricately textured, hand built ceramics

Patrick Nash

I like to make decorative functional ware in porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. Mainly by coiling

Rosalind Faram

Hand built pots & sculpture

Prashant Patel

Medium large scale pieces, decorative with cultural intent, all round techniques

Janice Gravett

Functional thrown stoneware

Asme Sheikh

Thrown stoneware

Lisa Pritchard

Pottery studio offering classes, specialist workshops and courses in Cheshire

JoJo Rowley

Thrown and handbuilt, functional and decorative porcelain

Kate Clark

Thrown and hand built hand carved stoneware

Rachel Hampson

Wheel Thrown Functional Tableware in stoneware that is good to look at and enjoyable to use.

Carolyn Tripp

Thrown and slip cast porcelain decorated in ceramic transfer

Agnese Zirina

Ceramic design, thrown one of a kind pieces.

Nicola Martin Ceramics

Ceramic Art and small batch hand thrown stoneware ceramics

Brigitte Colleaux

Wood fired tableware

Anna Bingham

Sculptural pieces and homewares

Chris Payne

Mainly slab built, functional and decorative stoneware pieces, sometimes mixing white and black clay

Pratima Kramer

Sculptural and decorative inspired by my Indian Heritage

Sally Guinness

Functional thrown porcelain and stoneware

Nicola Penny

One-off and limited run pieces

Jenny Shramenko

Wheel thrown stoneware bowls

Helen Blair

Thrown functional stoneware pieces

Jane Wilson

Hand-built vessels and sculpture

Louise Kaye

hand built functional and non functional work

Jane Gibson

Non functional fumed and raku pieces

Toni Richards

Functional, decorative and sculptural pieces. Thrown and hand-built stoneware

Sheila Roskilly

Colourful floral decorated vases and candlesticks worked in low temperature light body clay

Gill Bliss

Thrown and hand-built individual pieces in porcelain and foraged clay

Yoshie Prideaux

Stoneware functional and decorative pieces

Patricia Ngok

Decorative • Hand Built • Stoneware

Barbara Wakefield

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Kasia Howlett

Hand built functional and sculptural pieces

Kerry Rowley

Hand built, decorative pieces.

Kaytea Budd-Brophy

Thrown and altered functional decorative pieces

Natalia Salminen

Functional and decorative ceramics

Jane Rowley

Functional pieces and hand built stoneware

Christine Binnie

Art/Craft/Performance explorations

Tiffany Scull

Thrown ceramic forms decorated by hand using clay slips and sgraffito

Robert S Silver

Functional stoneware pottery

Remi Russo

Localised material & hand-built sculpture

Bridget Macklin

experimental and fine art pieces and installations.

Heather Gibson

Hand built sculpture, vessels and tableware

Gunn Ceramics – Sue Gunn

Functional : Sculptural

Morwenna Lake

Raku fired handbuilt stoneware

Catherine Liu

Thrown tableware

Kirsty Badham

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Anne Zieler

Thrown and hand-built stoneware

Jean Tolkovsky

Hand built figurative pieces

ka kui cheng

Hand built stoneware and porcelain

Nathalie Loubert

Functional stoneware, thrown and handbuilt, as well as slip cast porcelain decorative pieces

Jacqueline Harrop

I am a hobby potter, enjoying throwing functional pots as well as experiments with sculptural pieces

Janne Yoshiko Cornish

Thrown and carved sculptural pieces, tableware and miniatures

Karen Bunting

Functional & decorative pots

Rachel Bryant

Stoneware functional and decorative pieces

Grace Birkett Kenrick

Functional stoneware pottery

Susie Lonie

Sculptural hand built objects

Janette Fry

Functional and decorative pieces

Ben Nicolas

Hand built large sculptural stoneware pieces

Michael Earl

Raku fired thrown and hand built decorative pieces

Jeanette Clement

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Sheena McMahon

Hand-built stoneware

Simon Olley

Freehand illustrated, sgraffito ceramics.

Glaze Me Pretty

Crystalline ceramics

Joanna Heather Pethybridge

Thrown and handbuilt eartenware handpainted with underglazes finished with clear satin glaze

Gioilla Zordan

Functional and decorative pieces, in porcelain, wheelthrown, hand-built, slipcast

Jennifer Mundy

Functional ware and decorative pieces

Jennie Kimbley

Functional and decorative ceramics mostly thrown with some hand building.

Elizabeth Rollins-Scott

Hand built, sculptural etherial abstract figurative decorative Raku & smoked ceramics

Consuelo Radclyffe

Hand building and throwing ceramics earthenware clay

Violaine Verry

Functional and decorative ceramics, currently experimenting with different firing techniques

Barbara Andrews

Thrown and altered

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Caroline Warwick

Thrown, functional stoneware and porcelain pieces

Carolina Soto Pik

My work is hand-built using slabs with black stoneware for functional and decorative pieces

Ali Tomlin

Thrown porcelain

Gessica Carbone

Figurative Sculptural Ceramic

Heather Muir

Functional and decorative Porcelain

Losa Lou Ceramics

Contemporary porcelain jewellery. Sculptural wall pieces. Coloured clays and decorative techniques

Susie Vittay

Thrown functional and decorative pieces in porcelain

Helen Ridgway

Functional and decorative ceramics

Alan Carlyon Smith

Sculptural Pieces

Anastassia Zamaraeva

Figurative sculptural ceramics


Functional and decorative thrown and hand built stoneware

Gemma Smale

Functional and Decorative pieces

Ferri Farahamandi

Contemporary ceramic sculpture

Kate Sampson

Decorative stoneware & earthenware

Anamica Vince

Functional pieces, with surface decoration of slips, stains, oxides. Thrown and handbuilt

Nici Ruggiero

Naked Raku Sculpture and Slip Cast Porcelain Installations

Ximena Heasman

Contemporary stoneware functional pottery and also decorative raku ceramics

Gabriele Ghiani

Contemporary figurative sculpture

Jay Mistry

Handbuilt sculptural activist

Harriet Ferris

Hand-built stoneware figurative sculptures and vessels

Kate Vine

Stoneware wheel thrown functional and decorative pieces

Alison Wear

Hand built smoke fired stoneware

Lyn Tillinghast

Hand built porcelain paper clay sculpture

Tania Ayoola

Stoneware, earthenware and terracotta, hand built by coiling, pinching and slabbing

Sophia Passmore

Freehand sgrafitto ceramics

David Pearce

Thrown stoneware using gas & alternative firing processes e.g. pit firings and Raku

Claudia Luque

Thrown and hand built sculptural ceramics and tableware

Alexandra Barto

Thrown moon jars

Cat Santos

Figurative sculptures and printed vessels

Janet White

I enjoy using different techniques to make both functional and decorative pieces

Alex Garnett

Functional and decorative pieces

Paul Durrant

Hand built characters from Commedia Dell' Arte

Clare Palmer

Sculptures, wall sculptures and sculptural vessels

Sapna Shah

Maker of small batch ceramics inspired by nature and celebrating imperfect beauty

Duncan Cheetham

Thrown and Hand Built

Hayley Warwick

Functional and decorative piece. Thrown stoneware

Hannah Elliott

Thrown slipware pots

Jeremy Lovell

Thrown and hand decorated decorative pieces with emphasis on decorative experimentation.

John Eric Johnson

Functional & Decorative / Hand Built & Thrown Stoneware

Sophie Durandet sd.ceramics

Functional pieces, Thrown stoneware

Richard Dickson

Sculptures and Thrown Forms

Judith Williams

Functional and decorative stoneware pottery


Playful ceramic objects

Lindy Barletta Ceramics

Coloured Porcelain Clays wheel thrown to create Landscapes in Clay

Ulla Mead

Slab built sculptural ceramics

Lesley McShea

Established Punk Potter, Mainly wheel thrown durable stoneware Functional wares

Jo Hannah

Thrown, decorative and functional stoneware

iara talledo violani

Thrown sculptural pieces

Adrian Gonzalez

Hand thrown stoneware

Shriyani Batuwitage

Decorative stoneware and porcelain clay, thrown & hand built.

Dee Harvey

Functional and decorative pieces

Jonquil Cook

Functional and Decorative pieces

Carmela Kantorowicz

Decorative Raku pieces, functional stoneware

Julie Peel

mostly functional porcelain & stoneware, thrown & handbuilt

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Debbie Randall

Thrown Bespoke Tableware in Porcelain & Stoneware