Members in Discipline: Wall Pieces

Lisa Sjukur

Thrown stoneware

Nicole Backlund

Currently studying Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins, completing BA this year and starting MA

Llinos Gale

Coastal inspired decorative ceramics.

Fiona Charter

Hand built, hand painted decorative and functional ceramics.

Ania Perkowska

Functional and decorative contemporary ceramics

Kate Kelleher

Functional and Decorative Pieces.

Olga Siruk

I specialize in creating decorative non-functional ceramics, architectural ceramics, and product des

Camilla Webb Carter

Handbuilt and slipcast goemetric homeware and wall installations.

Sam Goodison

Sculptures that explore the human condition. Mixed clays and finishes

Peter Curtis

Thrown and hand built stoneware

živa slavec

Woodfired functional and decorative pieces. Local wood, natural glazes, wild clays and minerals...

Jane Welch

Sculptural work - Arboreal Collection and Pop Art meets Political Satire

Sarah Villeneau

Abstract sculpture, handbuild, mixed media

Gill Usher

Functional and decorative botanical pieces

Jane McCulla

Thrown and hand built textured vessels

Amel Gembidge

Contemporary sculptural and functional ceramics

Jessica Jordan

My work taken the form of decorative stoneware vessels inspired by landscapes

Belgin Bozsahin

Intricate and highly tactile sculptural and decorative wall arts in paper porcelain

Christophe Ceramics

Animals sculpting

Rosalind Faram

Hand built pots & sculpture