Members by Area: Outside London

Harriet Ferris

Hand-built figurative sculptures and functional ware

Geoffrey Kenward

I make large thrown reduction fired pots, and occasionally make whimsical sculptures and other items

Maxine Callow

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Dee Barnes

I make functional, decorative ceramics using slabbed and coiling techniques

Caroline Chouler-Tissier

Exploring the principles of sculpture and ‘disrupted’ clay extrusions

Bridget Macklin

experimental and fine art pieces and installations.

Hayley Warwick

Functional and decorative piece. Thrown stoneware

Kathryn Stevens

Hand built sculptures

Sophia Passmore

Freehand sgrafitto ceramics

Patricia Ngok

Decorative • Hand Built • Stoneware

Debbie Page

Sculptural, decorative handbuilt Moon jars

Pam Schomberg

all work hand built in porcelain or stoneware

Tom Franklin

Functional earthenware and mid fired pottery

Karl Owen

Decorative Saggar fired vessels

Alison Proctor

Functional and Sculptural pieces

Jane Sleator

Earthenware and Stoneware, hand thrown and individually decorated

Jo Minnitt

Stoneware teacups and mugs

Barbara Gittings

Decorative Nerikomi Porcelain, smoke-fired and waxed