Members by Area: Outside London

Jessica Jordan

My work taken the form of decorative stoneware vessels inspired by landscapes

Deirdre McGuirk

Wheel thrown functional porcelain and stoneware pieces

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Kirsty Badham

Thrown and hand built stoneware

Kate Sampson

Decorative stoneware & earthenware

Rosalind Faram

Hand built pots & sculpture

Sophie Learmont @starlingpots

Hand built functional ceramics

Tracie Peisley

Hand built earthenware figurative sculpture, figurative narrative on porcelain plates and vessels

Katherine Kingdon

Illustrated vessels and figurative sculpture

Chiara Bianchi

Hand built sculptures

Louise Hopkins

Functional & sculptural

Chris Le Grand

Decorative and functional thrown ceramics. Hand built work.

Kate Philbin

Sculpture, handbuilding and throwing .

Kate Vine

Stoneware wheel thrown functional and decorative pieces

Harriet Ferris

Hand-built stoneware figurative sculptures and vessels

Sue Cresswell

Hand built decorative pieces

Geoffrey Kenward

I make large thrown reduction fired pots, and occasionally make whimsical sculptures and other items

Chris Turrell

Handbuilt sculptural stoneware