Members in Discipline: Anagama

Lisa Sjukur

Thrown stoneware

Jennifer Cobb

Functional and decorative homeware. Wheel thrown and hand altered.

Mathilde Blum

hand built stoneware, sculptural and decorative pieces, alternative firing methods

živa slavec

Woodfired functional and decorative pieces. Local wood, natural glazes, wild clays and minerals...

Grace Birkett Kenrick

Functional stoneware pottery

Bex Shaw

Hybrid functional/ decorative sculptural forms on a small scale

Yoshie Prideaux

Stoneware functional and decorative pieces

Sylvie Joly

Functional tableware as well as decorative raku-fired pieces

Brigitte Colleaux

Wood fired tableware

Fay De Winter

Porcelain Functional and Decorative Pieces