Members in Discipline: Figurative

Rebecca Norris

Handbuilding and wheel throwing quirky and colourful pieces

Jane Welch

Sculptural work - Arboreal Collection and Pop Art meets Political Satire

Cat Santos

Figurative sculptures and printed vessels

Sarah Sullivan

Thrown and hand built stoneware vessels. Hand carved, curved lines.

Josie Warshaw

Hand built Ceramic Work

Belgin Bozsahin

Intricate and highly tactile sculptural and decorative wall arts in paper porcelain

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Adam Rush

Thrown and hand built face pots

Nichola Tuohy

Sculpture through textile and through an Illustration degree

Tracie Peisley

Hand built earthenware figurative sculpture, figurative narrative on porcelain plates and vessels

Chiara bianchi

Hand built sculptures

Remi Russo

Localised material & hand-built sculpture

Jo Pearl

Combining ceramic sculpture with clay stop frame animation

Sally Johnson

Hand built vessels, wall pieces, sculptural and figurative forms

Ruty Benjamini

One Off sculptural vessels, figurines, and wall art. Earthenware