Members in Discipline: Gas firing

Jenny Carlin

Hand built saggar fired decorative pieces

Annie Cap

Crystalline glazed decorative and functional ceramic art

Taylor Shaw

Hand thrown functional tableware and contemporary decorative pieces.

Lisa Sjukur

Thrown stoneware

Chris Francis

The majority of the pots made over the past 46 years are functional and based in the Leach tradition

Leslie Parrott

Thrown and hand-built porcelain and stoneware

Amel Gembidge

Contemporary sculptural and functional ceramics

Cherry Tewfik

Decorative and functional pieces

Geoffrey Kenward

I make large thrown reduction fired pots, and occasionally make whimsical sculptures and other items

Grace Birkett Kenrick

Functional stoneware pottery

Janice Heyes

Thrown functional stoneware made at home in Epsom, Surrey. Developing a range to find my voice

Adamina Turek and Adrian Austin | 2hungrybakers

Thrown and hand built functional stoneware

Cathy Butcher

Sculptures of animals

Anne Zieler

Thrown and hand-built stoneware

Prashant Patel

Medium large scale pieces, decorative with cultural intent, all round techniques

Karl Owen

Decorative Saggar fired vessels

Morwenna Lake

Raku fired handbuilt stoneware

John Dawson

Functional but decorative thrown and sometimes altered, either glazed or polished.


Distinctive hand-thrown pottery made in London. Functional & decorative porcelain and stoneware

Jo Minnitt

Stoneware teacups and mugs