Members in Discipline: Porcelain

Sally Guinness

Functional thrown porcelain and stoneware

John Dawson

Functional but decorative thrown and sometimes altered, either glazed or polished.


Distinctive hand-thrown pottery made in London. Functional & decorative porcelain and stoneware

Robyn Hardyman

Fine porcelain pieces thrown on the wheel, for decoration and use

Rosie Turner

I work with both stoneware and porcelain clays. Hand built and thrown, functional and decorative

Loli Cardenoso

Thrown and hand built porcelain, now retired

Sally Clarke

Student all aspects

Clare Palmer

Sculptures, wall sculptures and sculptural vessels

Tushar Dawson

I make decorative but functional ware using Porcelain. The work is either handbuilt or thrown

Kyra Mihailovic

Individual functional and decorative pieces. Hand thrown and hand built in porcelain and stoneware

Margaret Tatton Brown

Thrown functional stoneware, decorated with slips and underglazes

Carole Coogan

Functional thrown domestic ware. Hand built functional and non functional. Sculptural forms.

Nicola Penny

One-off and limited run pieces

Joanna Ling

Thrown and handbuilt porcelain functional and decorative pieces

Susie Vittay

Thrown functional and decorative pieces in porcelain

David Pearce

Thrown stoneware using gas & alternative firing processes e.g. pit firings and Raku

Helen Long

Functional and decorative porcelain

Birgit Pohl

Thrown porcelain, functional and decorative

Julie Peel

mostly functional porcelain & stoneware, thrown & handbuilt