Members in Discipline: Porcelain

Debbie Randall

Thrown Bespoke Tableware in Porcelain & Stoneware

Ali Tomlin

Thrown porcelain

Sarah Martin

Decorative vases & bowls in porcelain and stone ware. Thrown and slip cast

Barbara Wakefield

Functional and Decorative Pieces

Rachel Carpenter

I love making pots to be used - mugs, bowls, platters & vases; thrown and hand built in stoneware

Charlotte Stockley

Thrown porcelain tableware with quirky surface design

Barbara Gittings

Decorative Nerikomi Porcelain, smoke-fired and waxed


Thrown and hand built porcelain and stoneware

Elizabeth Rollins-Scott

Hand built, sculptural etherial abstract figurative decorative Raku & smoked ceramics

Victor Pedrosa Ceramics

Functional and sculptural pieces, both thrown and hand built

Anne Gardner

Porcelain and stoneware, functional and sculptural wall pieces

Rachel Bryant

Wheel thrown or hand built functional and decorative pieces

Francesca Coronin

Thrown and painted porcelain, raku, mainly vases and decorative pieces.

Fay De Winter

Porcelain Functional and Decorative Pieces

Lindy Barletta Ceramics

Coloured Porcelain Clays wheel thrown to create Landscapes in Clay

Gail Altschuler

Clay as canvas, blurring the lines between art and craft

Carolyn Tripp

Thrown and slip cast porcelain decorated in ceramic transfer

Barbara Andrews

Thrown and altered