Janice Gravett

E: j.gravett@btinternet.com

My current work is wheel thrown in TS clay, fired to 1260c, and glazed to reflect movement and tone, inspired by water and ice.

Recent Events
2018   Art Fest, Berkshire
2018   Maison Rustic, Berkshire
2018   Kingston Artists Open Studios
2018   W4 Ceramics Fair, Chiswick
2018   Shapwick Manor, Gloucestershire
2018   Educare, Kingston
2018   London Potters Local, Teddington
2017   Pop up shop, Kingston
2017   Kingston Artists Open Studios
2017   Artfest, Berkshire
2017    Momemtum Affordable Art Auction
2017    London Potters Local, Teddington
2016    W4 Studio Pottery Market, Chiswick
2016    Notre Dame, Cobham
2016    West End Summer Show
2016    Artfest, Wokingham
2016    Epsom Race Course, Charity Fundraiser
2016    Princess Alice Hospice, Esher
2015    London Potters Local, Redlees Studios
2014    Kingston Small School
2013    Brentford Summer Show
2012    North House, Richmond

Review/Press Coverage
2012    Homes and Gardens Magazine
2011    Homes and Gardens Magazine

Janice Gravett
Janice Gravett
Janice Gravett
Janice Gravett
Janice Gravett
Janice Gravett