Members by Area: East London

Dr Ronn Beattie

Hand built Ceramic sculpture with glass and/or mixed media

Bex Shaw

Hybrid functional/ decorative sculptural forms on a small scale

Purple Pots

Wheel thrown as well as hand-built ceramics from functional tablewares, kitchenwares to objets d’art

Joey Ruthers

Hand built, mostly tiny, decorative earthenware pieces

Konstantina Argi

Handbuilt stoneware ceramics

Sheila Roskilly

Colourful floral decorated vases and candlesticks worked in low temperature light body clay

Nicky O’Connor

Sculptural Raku

Bali Edwards

Thrown and hand built decorative pieces

Lesley McShea

Established Punk Potter, Mainly wheel thrown durable stoneware Functional wares

Sally Clarke

Student all aspects

Violaine Verry

Functional and decorative ceramics

Luyi Brown

Functional thrown pieces

Andrea Morton (Useful Pots)

Wheel thrown, stoneware, functional and decorative table and oven ware

Deana Moore

Hand Built Coiled Earthenware Vessels

Charlotte Collier-Hunter

Functional small batch thrown and hand built stoneware

Karen Bunting

Functional & decorative pots