Deana Moore

Instagram: @deanamooreceramics

My work is hand built and are usually made in small series. They are one-offs in that each one is slightly different. The bulk of my work is based on tripods or pieces with ‘legs’. This has been a progression, a development, based on very early ceramic pieces based on tripods which can be found in many early societies from Anatolia to China as they were easier to stand upright on uneven soil. The design is updated but basically the same.

I also make coiled pieces with flat bottoms which are asymmetrical. I am influenced by other potters work such as Ashraf Hanna, Jennie Lee and Magdalene Odundo. If a piece is hand built, it doesn’t need to be asymmetrical. I also like to be able to look into the interior of a vessel.


BA (Hons) Ceramic Design, Camberwell School of Art and Craft
ATC Post Graduate Teaching, London University

Craft Potters Association (Associate Member)
Kent Potters

Recent Exhibitions/Events

2019 Kent Potters, Peter Blake Gallery

2019 Connect Art fair, Mall Galleries

2018 Connect Art Fair, Mall Galleries

2017  London Potters, Morley College


Review/Press Coverage
2019 DK Complete Pottery Techniques
2018 Homes & Antiques Magazine, September Issue
2018 London Potters Newsletter Issue 184
1982 Crafts Magazine No 52

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Deana Moore
Deana Moore
Deana Moore
Deana Moore
Deana Moore